Как скалируется урон персонажа?

Всем привет!
Почему в классическом Инарии используется именно Рейлина в руках, а клык Трагула в куб? Всё дело упирается в средний урон оружия?
Я видел игроков в топ листе у которых клык в руках а крюк в кубе.
Кому что удалось выбить, тот то и использует.
В двух словах:
Pure damage.

Чуть подробнее:
Hook is pure damage. trags+bone is more defensive.

И совсем по полочкам:
Damage per Hit (without attack speed)
2hand scythe: 3331-3932 =3631,5
1hand scythe+phyl: 2294-3001=2647,5

37,X% difference per hit!
If you include attack speed it is less.
-> only 16% difference. And this doesn't include that phyl can have 10cc and some more slots (vitality, CDR) and so on. So if you just look at screen damage onehand + phyl is not very far behind. Maybe even better with +elite damage or so.

However Mirinae damage is damage per hit - if Bonado triggers more often Mirinae with more APS - I don't know. The procc effect seems kinda strange - hence the upcoming hotfix.

Real reason is: All phylacteries suck and don't have a good legendary effect for current standard Inarius build and getting a good Trag'oul is super hard.

The effect range of Trag is 150-200%. And you wanna get those 200 (1/50 of all ancients have it!) or at least 190. And then you also need +essence as a secondary.And of course all other slots have to be good, because it is a weapon. Releina is way easier to get in good.

So in short - everybody cubes Trag - because Releina is way easier to get.
Cubing Releina allows more defense or CDR. This could actually better if you lack defense.


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