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Can't Claim Old Standard or Collector's Edition WoW Key

Aktualisiert: vor 1 Jahr
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Bekannte Probleme

  • Error: "The code you entered has expired"
  • Error: "Oops! The code you entered cannot be claimed. Please check the code and try again. If you see this error again, please try again later, as the game or website may be undergoing maintenance."
  • Error: "This key is no longer in use! Some game keys can no longer be used, since the expansion packs they are associated with are now included for free as part of their core game"

You can only claim codes for the latest expansion, or Collector's Edition codes for any expansion except Burning Crusade. 

Shortly before a new World of Warcraft expansion is released the previous expansion is rolled into the base game and access to the expansion content is included with your World of Warcraft subscription. When this happens, any unclaimed expansion codes expire and become unusable.