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Can't Start or Complete Quest A Chilling Summons

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Bekannte Probleme

  • I want to do A Chilling Summons but I can't see Darion Mograine or anyone around Grommash Hold
  • Orgrimmar is hostile for me! I can't hand in the quest A Chilling Summons
  • I can't see the Death Gate to port me for A Chilling Summons
  • I don't have a quest to go to the Shadowlands/Oribos

There are currently no known issues with this quest. If your character has started but not completed the Legion introduction questline, finish the questline up through Illidari Allies (A) / Keep Your Friends Close (H). 

If you are unable to pick up the quest it typically indicates that you have already completed it, or that the quest is significantly lower level than the character and is not being displayed but should still be available.

If you discover a new issue, please submit a new Bug Report.