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Common Problems

Something went wrong and our goblins couldn't figure out what, sadly. The best thing to do is try again.
Error Codes: BLZBNTBNU00000006

This error typically occurs when the application being installed was already uninstalled. Before attempting troubleshooting, launch the Desktop Application and check the blue button on the game tab. If the button says Install, the game was already uninstalled. If it says Play, or you receive this error with the Application itself, follow the steps below.

  1. Reinstall the Application to repair any corruption of the installer.
  2. Troubleshoot any security programs, which may be preventing the uninstaller from starting.
  3. A corrupted administrator account can cause permission errors with the Application. Create a new administrator account.
  4. If the issue persists, exit the Blizzard desktop app and uninstall the game manually.

Tried everything here?

If the steps above did not resolve your problem, visit our Technical Support forum or contact us.