If we weren't able to identify connection issues with your pathping or traceroute results, we may ask you to run a Pingplotter test. Because this test requires the use of a free 3rd-party program, we will only ask for it during special cases. Follow the steps below to perform this test.

  1. Download and Install the free version of Pingplotter
  2. Enter the IP address you want to test in the Enter Target Name field. Select a game from the dropdown below for a list of IP addresses.
    Note: If multiple IPs are listed, run a PingPlotter test for each IP address.
  3. Click on the green Start button, then launch the game you're testing. If no connection issue is found within the first 5 minutes, restart the test when the connection issue in the game you're testing reoccurs.
  4. When a connection error occurs, play for at least 5 more minutes, then click on the yellow Pause button.
  5. Go to the File menu and select Share then choose Create Share Page. This will redirect you to your browser and open a new tab displaying the screenshot of your test results.
  6. Copy the link from the new tab and include it in your reply to us.

Use the dropdown below to find the product-specific IP address, or if your issue is specifically with installation or patching, try: us.patch.battle.net