Can't Chat in World of Warcraft

Updated: 11 months ago
Article ID: 10678

Common Problems

  • My chat channels are greyed out
  • I receive an error when trying to use the chat

If you cannot use the World of Warcraft chat check the following.

Chat Disabled

You can completely enable or disable the chat through your chat settings.

To enable the chat, right click on the chat window, select Settings, and click the Enable Chat button at the bottom. 

Interface Issues

Type in /resetchat in the chat window —this will restore your chat setting to default. If the issue persists reset your user interface to make sure your addons are not corrupted.

Starter Edition Restrictions

If you are playing on a Starter Edition account, you can: 

  • Use the /say channel. Characters that are ten or more levels higher than you can't read your /say messages
  • Use the /party channel
  • Use the /whisper channel to speak to characters added as friends in-game 

Trying to speak on another channel will result on error "You do not have permission to speak".

When you add game time to an inactive or newly created World of Warcraft account, Starter Edition Limitations will apply until the order is Complete. This may take up to 24 hours.

Parental Controls Restrictions

If you are under the age of majority, your account may be restricted by parental controls set by your parents. Speak to your parents to Update your Parental Control Settings.

Chat Privileges Temporarily Suspended

You will receive the error "Your chat and mail privileges have been temporarily suspended" if you try to speak while silenced. We will silence your account if you are reported multiple times for Spam or Abusive Chat. Please check the Silence in World of Warcraft article for more information.