Command Center Buff Doesn't Give Legendary Follower Equipment

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

  • Command Center is up but I didn't get legendary champion gear.
  • Merris Townsend isn't offering a piece of legendary equipment.

The current Command Center buff determines if there is a chance to get a piece of Legendary Follower Equipment.

There is only one buff of the four active at a time, and each buff provides a different bonus. Three of the four buffs have the same icon, so be sure to hover over the it to see which buff is active.

When the Command Center is finished, speak to Commander Chambers to receive one of the following buffs:

After speaking to Commander Chambers to activate the Worthy Champions buff, the Legionfall Alliance will work toward providing the item. This is not always instant, but will be delivered to Merris Townsend before the Command Center is destroyed.