Charged for Hearthstone Free Arena Ticket

Updated: 9 months ago
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Common Problems

  • The game said I had a free arena ticket but it took 150 gold anyway
  • I went to buy an arena, got the message that I had a free one, I still paid, but I only received 1 arena admission, when it should be 2

We may periodically grant free Hearthstone arena tickets for logging into the game during a specific promotional period.

  • Free arena ticket from promotions can be stacked and don't expire
  • If you earn a free arena ticket while you have an arena run in progress, your current run will immediately end, and the game will automatically grant you a win
  • To prevent accidental purchases, Arena tickets may be unavailable in the Shop for a short time just after you earned a free ticket
Past promotionsDate
Frost Festival July 2017
Hallow's EndOctober 2017

There is a known issue with inaccurate messaging about free arena purchases right now. If you purchase an arena ticket and then immediately leave the page without waiting for the purchase confirmation, the game will recognize that you have an arena ticket but won't be able to associate it with the purchase you just made. This will cause the free arena admission window to pop up incorrectly. if there isn't currently a promotion going on which grants you a free admission, this is just a display error and can safely be ignored.