Friend, Guild Mate, or Family Member Account Hacked

Updated: 1 year ago
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Common Problems

  • Friend is online but hasn't been playing, think they are hacked.
  • Hacker added authenticator to friends account 
  • Guildy took stuff when hacked

If you believe one of your friends or guild mates has been compromised. If you have any way to contact the account owner outside of the game, we recommend you contact them and ask them to report their account as compromised. If you do not, please report it to Customer Support as soon as possible. When doing so, please include:

  • Why you believe they were compromised
  • When was the first time you noticed they may have been compromised
  • Name and realm of their character
  • Name of any guild that may have been impacted
This will help us locate the total damage done. Do understand we will not be able to provide any information regarding the account status once it has been reported for Privacy concerns.