Shipping Countries

You can find the list of countries where the EU Gear Store ships in the  EU Gear Store FAQ.

If your country is not in the list, you may order from the US Gear Store. However, note that there may be additional import duties and taxes when shipping internationally. It is not possible to buy in the Gear Store from countries that are not listed on either store when checking out.

We do not ship to PO boxes.

Shipping Method and Cost

The total weight of your order —which is calculated automatically at checkout— determines the available shipping methods and cost. For parcels below 2kg we offer Postal and Courier shipping options. For parcels above 2kg only the Courier option is available.

Estimated Shipping Times

After purchase, we aim to deliver your parcel without undue delay, but no later than 30 days from the date of receipt of the confirmation email—unless a different time of delivery is otherwise specified on the product page, in which case the delivery shall occur no later than the date indicated on the page of said product.

On successful payment, your order status will move to Processing, indicating that the warehouse is preparing your parcel. Orders are typically processed within 3 to 7 business days, though the warehouse may experience delays in high demand periods.

Note: For items on pre-order, your order status will move to Processing when the warehouse has the product in stock, but the payment still occurs upon placing the order.

Once dispatched, your order status will move to Shipped, indicating that your parcel is in transit. Depending on the shipping method you chose, delivery takes between 24 hours and 4 business days. Please note that transit to some countries (like Eastern European countries) may take longer.

Postal shipping does not provide a parcel tracking number.