Support Site Shows Open Ticket and I Can't Close It

Updated: 5 days ago
Article ID: 13580

Common Problems

  • I have a stuck ticket
  • Cannot dismiss the warning: "You have received a ticket response. Click here to read it"
  • Unable to dismiss message: "Your ticket requires additional information"
  • I have a notification in World of Warcraft that I have a ticket open, even though I haven't made any ticket

If you are seeing a notification of an open Customer Service help-request:

  1. Go to your Ticket History
  2. In your Active Tickets, ensure that you Mark as Resolved any Answered help-request 
  3. Click on View Archived Tickets and verify if you have any Cancelled help-request. If you do, click on it once
  4. Clear cache and cookies in your browser

Note: If this only happens when logged in World of Warcraft, try to Reset your User Interface.

If the problem persists, contact us.