Reporting Forums Post

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Common Problems

  • Post on the forums needs to be removed
  • Player is harassing me on the forums

Customer service representatives are not able to check or action forum reports. You can report forum posts that violate the forum code of conduct through the forums themselves. Depending on the forum, you can report the post one of two ways:

Old Format

  1. Go to the post
  2. Find the dropdown menu on the right side of the post
  3. Choose Report Post
  4. On the report page:
    • Choose the violation reason from the dropdown menu
    • Type any necessary explanation in the text box
    • Click Report Post

New Format

  1. Go to the post
  2. Click on the Flag icon on the bottom of the post
  3. Click on the reason you are reporting the post
  4. Click Flag Post


Forum moderators will review and investigate as reports come in.