Can't Login To Diablo II

Updated: 9 months ago
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Common Problems

  • Forgot my D2 password and cannot reset it
  • Don't have access to my D2 email
  • Can't remember my Diablo 2 Account Name

When you create your Diablo II account, you'll select a user name and a password.

You also have the option to register an e-mail address. This is optional —but if you decide not to enter an email, you won't be able reset your password if you forget it.

If you do register an e-mail address, you can reset your Diablo II password or change the e-mail at any time.

  1. Launch Diablo II
  2. Click ""
  3. Click "Account Settings"
  4. Choose the appropriate option to receive e-mail instructions.

If you don't receive an e-mail with instructions to follow, it means you either entered the incorrect e-mail or you did not register an e-mail during account set up.

If you cannot recover your Diablo II login information, please contact us.