No Warfronts Available

Updated: 2 years ago
Article ID: 164509

Common Problems

  • Don't see any Warfronts available.
  • Why can't my faction join a Warfront?

When the opposing faction gains controls Arathi Highlands, you will be unable to enter the Warfront scenario until your faction has gathered enough resources for an assault. This is called the contribution phase. Contribution phase progress can be tracked on a progress bar at your faction's War Table. While the contribution phase is active, the button to queue for scenarios will be grayed out.

After gathering enough resources to mount an assault on Arathi Highlands, you will be able to queue for Warfront scenario at your faction's War Table. Only Level 120 characters will be able to queue for the scenario.

When your faction controls the Arathi Highlands, you will gain access to the zone, a unique world boss, a series of war spawns, and other rewards only available to the faction controlling the zone.