Can't Complete Quest - The Unseen Blade

Updated: 9 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I have the Kingslayers artifact, but Garona isn't around for me to turn in the quest.
  • I obtained the Kingslayers Rogue artifact weapon, but the quest Unseen Blade isn't giving me credit

There a couple of different issues which may cause problems with turning in this artifact weapon quest. Depending on the situation, you will need to try different troubleshooting steps:

Garona Halforcen is missing

If you are seeing the turn-in location marked on your map but aren't seeing Garona, make sure you're in the right section of Dalaran. The section you need to be in is the Rogue Order hall, which is phased differently than the Dalaran Sewers. To reach the order hall, go to the Glorious Goods shop in Legion Dalaran. Speak to "Red" Jack Findle and choose the dialogue option. When the wall opens, walk through the doorway and follow the hall down to the order hall.

If this does not work, you may need to contact us for assistance.

Have Kingslayers but quest not complete

If you have obtained the Kingslayers item but the quest is showing 0/1 for this objective, contact us for assistance.