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Claiming a WoW Token Without Active Game Time

Updated: 7 months ago
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Common Problems

  • Can I claim a WoW token after my gametime expires?
  • Can I use token if have no gametime?
  • Can I use token if my account is inactive?

It is possible to claim a WoW token, or activate your account using gold, when your account is inactive from the character selection screen in these three situations:

  • You have enough gold on one character or realm to cover the cost of the token
  • You have a WoW token purchased with gold in one of your characters' inventories on the World of Warcraft account you're trying to activate
  • You have a WoW token purchased with gold in one of your charracters' inventories on a different World of Warcraft account on the same Blizzard account

WoW tokens can't be claimed on different Blizzard accounts. If you have a token or gold in your mail or bank, it isn't currently considered part of your gold by the system, so it can't be claimed from your character selection screen.

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