No Loot From Weekly Grand Challenger's Bounty Chest

Updated: 6 days ago
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Common Problems

  • I can't open the weekly Mythic+ chest in Zuldazar.
  • I received the error, "You have already claimed your Grand Challenger's Bounty for the week." from the Boralus chest.

You can only open the Grand Challenger's Bounty if you completed a keystone dungeon the week before.

The chest contains:

  • Artifact power for your Heart of Azeroth.
  • A piece of random gear from the loot table of any dungeon, appropriate to your loot specialization, and of item-level based on the best keystone dungeon completed the week earlier. It does not matter whether the keystone was depleted, or you beat the timer, only the difficulty counts.
  • An amount of Titan Residuum based on the best keystone dungeon completed the week before.
  • A new random keystone, one level lower than the best keystone dungeon completed the week earlier, or a keystone level two, whichever is higher. Since you may only have one keystone at a time, the chest won't provide a new keystone if you have already received one by completing a keystone dungeon before opening the chest this week.
  • Specific seasonal items (Ex: Heart of Azeroth Essences)

If your inventory is full at the time you open the chest, the Postmaster will send the loot to your mailbox, but not the keystone. Customer Support does not restore keystones lost due to full inventory. You may complete a Mythic dungeon to get a new level two keystone.

Unopened chests will remain lootable for up to three months, or until replaced by running a new keystone dungeon.