Weekly PvP Cache Gear Item Level Too Low

Updated: 2 weeks ago
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Common Problems

The gear item levels from my weekly PVP chest is too low

The item level of the reward in the weekly chest is based on the highest tier for the format in which you won at least one game last week.

For example, if you won a 3v3 Arena at the Duelist tier, you will receive an item at Duelist tier in your cache; however, if you were rated as a Duelist in 3v3 with no games that week and rated as a Combatant in 2v2 with at least one game played, you would receive the Combatant level item.

If you didn't play any ranked games last week, your reward will be for the unranked item level.

TierRatingSeason 4 Cache Azerite ilvlSeason 4 Cache ilvl