Can't Post on the World of Warcraft Forums

Updated: 7 months ago
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Common Problems

  • Can't start a thread, the "New Topic" button is missing
  • Unable to answer in the forums, the "Reply" button is not there
  • Cannot select an avatar to post on the forums, my characters are missing

To post in the WoW forums, you must be logged in with your Blizzard account and choose a character to post as in the top right corner of the page. You can only choose active characters on your account that are level 10 or above (excluding class trial characters).

Your WoW account must also have an active subscription (or game time) and must belong to the same region where you are posting. If you have recently added either a subscription or game time, log out of the forums then back in. This may take a few attempts to update your forum status.

Sometimes browser issues can prevent forum posting. Clearing the cache and cookies in your current browser or accessing the forums via a different browser may resolve being unable to post.

If one of your character is missing, it may be due to inactivity. Log the character in to the game, then try again after a few minutes.

Posting in our forums must be enabled. The setting is in the Parental Controls.