Problem with Heroes of the Storm Hero-Themed Loot Chest

Updated: 1 year ago
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Common Problems

  • The rarity changed for my items in my hero specific Heroes of the Storm loot chest
  • I had a rare skin in my Kharazim chest but when I re-rolled all of the items were common
  • I had items in my Johanna loot box that weren't Johanna themed

Hero-themed loot chests in Heroes of the Storm are awarded for every 10 levels for a specific hero. These chests are regular quality and guarantee at least one hero-item themed item per chest. If you re-roll, the items in the chest will not retain the rarities of the original items but will still guarantee one hero-themed item.

Customer Support cannot assist with Heroes chests. Report any bugs with Heroes loot chests in the Heroes of the Storm Bug Report Forum.