Warfront Loot Item Level Too Low

Updated: 2 weeks ago
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Common Problems

  • I only got level 370 gear from Arathi Highlands Warfront
  • I didn't get 460 gear from Darkshore
  • I didn't receive 460 gear from Heroic Warfront: Battle for Stromgarde

Warfront Scenarios

Completing a Warfront scenario does not guarantee a piece of gear. It awards 300 Azerite and Honorbound Service Medals. However, completing the quests associated with the Warfront does guarantee a piece of gear of a specific item level.

Warfront Quests

Once during the period of time your faction can queue for the specific Warfront, you will be able to pick up the special quest for that Warfront that will reward a significantly higher item level reward once you have completed a Warfront and turned in the quest:

As of Patch 8.3, Heroic Warfronts have become available. You must queue into these with a raid group, and they require completion of the Night Warrior quest line (Alliance) or Trouble in Darkshore (Horde) to unlock. You must be level 120 and have an average item level of 335 be eligible to enter.

If you are not awarded an item upon completing a Warfront quest during the cycle, please submit a bug report so our Quality Assurance and development teams can investigate.