Can't Pick Up Quest The Shrine Reclaimed

Updated: 1 year ago
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I didn't pick up The Shrine Reclaimed after Lycanthoth the Corrupter, now I can't figure out where to get it!

The quest The Shrine Reclaimed is offered by the Spirit of Lo'gosh, who can only be summoned by the Fang of Lo'gosh, rewarded from the quest Into the Maw. If you destroy this item, you can pick up another from Jordan Olafson to summon the Spirit of Lo'gosh and acquire the quest again. To reacquire the Fang of Lo'gosh:

  1. Go to the Lightning Ledge
  2. Step into the blue-white portal on the ledge to be ported to the Firelands Forgeworks
  3. Speak to Jordan Olafson and select the dialogue option "I lost my Fang of Lo'Gosh. Can I have another?"
Once you have the Fang, click on it to summon the Spirit of Lo'gosh and get the quest from him.