No Sound in Hearthstone

Updated: 7 months ago
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Common Problems

I have no sound in Hearthstone even if I try to change the settings

Basic Troubleshooting

  1. Make sure your speakers or headphones are turned on and properly connected to your computer's sound device. For specific instructions, contact your computer's manufacturer.
  2. Swap your audio cables with a working set to test for a bad cable or connection.
  3. Sound from your speakers may be redirected if you have headphones plugged in. Disconnect your headphones to resolve this issue.
  4. Check your system volume by clicking the volume icon in your Windows system tray (near the clock). Make sure volume levels are set appropriately and that Mute or Mute All is not selected.
  5. Check your in-game audio settings in the game's options menu. Make sure Enable Music andEnable Sound are checked, Master Volume is set appropriately, and your Output Device,Speaker Setup, Sound Quality, and Sound Channel are correct.
    Note: Higher Sound Quality settings will sound better, but may reduce performance.
  6. Make sure your drivers are up-to-date.
  7. You may need to close background applications to improve performance and stability.

Advanced Troubleshooting

  1. Audio issues can arise when you run the game in compatibility mode. Disable compatibility mode.
  2. Be sure your default communications device is properly set up.
    • Right-click the speaker icon in the Windows system tray (near the clock).
    • Click Playback Devices.
    • Select your preferred device and click Set Default Communications Device.