Failed Payment With Brazilian Credit Card

Updated: 2 months ago
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Common Problems

  • My purchase isn't going through, I have a Brazilian card
  • Error: "Zounds! An error occurred. Please, ensure your card in enabled for international transactions or use your card via PayU."

If you are using a Brazilian credit or debit card, your bank may immediately reject transactions on the Blizzard Shop for various reasons. Please contact your bank for more information.

Before you try again:

  1. Clear the cache and cookies in your browser or try a different browser.
  2. If your card was saved on your Blizzard account payment methods page, remove the card from your account and add it again. Make sure all information is accurate.
  3. Make sure your card has enough funds, including applicable taxes and any fees set by your bank.
  4. If you are using a local or national card, select Credit Card via PayU in the Blizzard Shop.

If the issue persists, please choose another of our Accepted Payment Methods.