Can't Finish Quest - In the Shadow of Crimson Wings

Updated: 1 year ago
Article ID: 243493

Common Problems

  • In the Shadow of Crimson Wings quest scenario, when Vexiona is down to 1 hp nothing happens, she becomes invincible and I can't progress
  • I abandoned In the Shadow of Crimson Wings because it was broken and now I can't find it again

We investigated and hotfixed an issue with the quest In the Shadow of Crimson Wings where Vexiona's health pool stopped decreasing at 1% and she couldn't be killed. If you continue to experience this problem, try abandoning the scenario and picking the quest back up in Twilight Highlands. Restarting the scenario should fix the issue. Make sure you are freeing Kalegcos and Alexstrasza before you attack Vexiona to make sure the scenario progresses properly.

If you continue to run into issues with the scenario after doing the above, try resetting your World of Warcraft User Interface. Also make sure to check our Bug Report forums for any new issues. If you discover a new issue, you can report it there or in-game through the bug report feature.