Linking your Nintendo Switch account to your account will award any cosmetic items you have claimed on your account from:

  • Overwatch Origins/Legendary/Game of the Year Editions
  • BlizzCon digital goodies released at BlizzCon 2016 and later
  • World of Warcraft Collector's Edition digital goodies from Legion and Battle for Azeroth
Future rewards from eligible events and purchases will be granted to your Nintendo Switch Overwatch account when claimed on your account and the content has been added to the console versions of the game.

You will not receive rewards from: 
  • PC, Xbox, or PlayStation 4 loot box or Overwatch League skin purchases
  • Previous cross-game events 
  • Overwatch in-game rewards earned on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation 4, such as achievement or event rewards
  • Other platform-specific promotions and rewards