Charged for Subscription While Having Active Game Time

Updated: 4 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I added a subscription while I had game-time and I was billed immediately.
  • I changed the subscription from monthly to 6 months, and I got immediately charged for the 6 months

Recurring subscriptions are normally only charged when your game time runs out. However, check the following.

When you buy a promotion

When you buy a subscription that includes a promotional item (for example, a mount) you will immediately pay the total cost of the product, even if you still have game time. This is to make sure that you don't miss out on the promotion if your standard billing date would happen after the promotion ends.

If your credit card or bank account statement shows two (or more) charges for the same order, this means your financial institution set pre-authorization funds on hold until the transaction settles. However, you will pay only once.

When you modify your subscription plan

When you change your subscription plan, your credit card or bank account statement will immediately show pre-authorization funds on hold for the total cost of the new product. However you will only pay when your current game time runs out (unless it is a promotional subscription, as explained above).

For example, if you move from a monthly subscription to a quarterly subscription while you still have game time, you will see a pre-authorization hold for the 3 months subscription on your bank statement now, but you will pay only after your current game time runs out.

Pre-Authorization Funds on Hold

Your bank should release the held funds within an hour, but can sometimes take up 72 hours, depending on your bank. Authorization holds are a common banking practice. Only your bank can remove an authorization hold.