Error: “Could not change race for character”

Updated: 1 year ago
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Common Problems

  • I cannot complete the Race or Faction Change on my character
  • I am unable to change the race of my Death Knight

We have received multiple reports of this issue and can confirm it is not working as intended. Currently, we do not have a workaround or resolution that can be provided. We apologize for any inconvenience while our developers work as quickly as possible to resolve the issue.

This error may also occur when selecting a Night Warrior appearance (eyes and skin color) for Night Elves with a paid service. Selecting a different set of eyes and skin color should work around this error. Once in-game, Night Warrior eyes and skin color should be available from a Barber Shop.

Note: This error can also occur when attempting to change to a race/class combination not available for the current account.