Tillers Faction Quests Give A "Wrong Zone" Error

Updated: 3 months ago
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Common Problems

I can't do these quests like Truffle Shuffle, they give a "wrong zone" message
I am told I'm in the wrong zone for these quests?

There have been some reports that the quests for the Tillers faction are not working as intended due to phasing in the 8.3 patch. Bug reports can be filed in-game in World of Warcraft®. Reports submitted in this fashion will not receive a response. Instead, they'll be directed to the teams responsible for addressing them.

To report a bug in-game to assist the investigation:

  1. Click Help to open the Customer Support window.
  2. Click Submit Bug.
  3. Enter the details of the bug, making sure to follow the guidelines outlined on the submission form.
  4. Click Submit.