Received the Wrong Specialization Item from World Boss - Nathanos Blightcaller

Updated: 2 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I got a prot item from Nathanos but my loot spec is set to ret
  • I got a healing weapon from Blightcaller but my loot spec is tank

At first, Nathanos Blightcaller dropped loot based on a character's class instead of loot specialization. The reward was intended to be random, which is why some players received a different reward than what was listed on the map.

This was changed shortly after the launch of the Death's Rising event - Nathanos should now drop an equipment cache to properly indicate the reward is random. At the same time, the Cache now provides loot for a player's selected Loot Specialization.

These changes were made as a result of player feedback. However, since a random class-based reward was intended at the time, Customer Service will not be swapping it for spec-based loot or resetting the lockout. Any resolution would have to be applied by our Dev crew as a whole - the best place to make a request for changes like those are through the Suggestion button in the help menu in-game.

Class Specialization Notes:
Patch 9.0.1 changed the weapons some specializations can use.

- Brewmaster monks and Fury warriors can now dual wield one-handed weapons.
- Windwalker monks and Frost death knights can now use two-handed weapons.

Like caster classes, the above specializations cannot target specifically one-hand or two-hand weapons exclusively. They can receive either kind of weapon from any loot source, including Nathanos.