Argent Conscript's Armor Does not Appear in Appearances Collection

Updated: 3 years ago
Article ID: 276817

Common Problems

  • Armor does not appear in wardrobe for other characters.

The Argent Conscript sets take longer to add to your wardrobe than most other sets. To ensure that the appearances are added to your collection as soon as possible, try using the Favorite feature in the Appearances collection:

  1. Locate the item in your Appearances collection
  2. Right click the item
  3. Select Set as Favorite
This should add the items correctly to your collection, but we recommend checking to verify that the item was added correctly for other eligible characters before you destroy your Argent Conscript items.

Note: The Argent Conscript's Cloak shows in the Appearances collection as Argent Conscript's Cape. Searching for "Cloak" will not bring up this item.