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No Hearthstone Quests

Updated: 2 weeks ago
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Common Problems

  • I am not getting anymore quests in Hearthstone
  • My quests interface is empty
  • No new Hearthstone quest popped up
  • Completed my Hearthstone quests, when do I get another?

After completing the Tavern Guide, you will gain access to both Daily and Weekly quests.

You can have up to four daily quests and another four weekly quests active at one time. You will be given a new daily quest every day at midnight (server time), if you have an open slot on your quest log. Similarly, you will be given a new weekly quest every Monday, if you have an open slot. Quests you didn't complete the previous week remain for you to complete further and no progress is lost.

We are currently not aware of any problems with the assignment of weekly quests. If you were not assigned weekly quests on Monday, please report the issue on the Hearthstone Bug Report Forum.