Unable to Complete Stabilizing Suramar

Updated: 4 months ago
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Common Problems

  • Stabilizing Suramar World Quest counter isn't increasing.
  • No credit received for completing World Quest for Stabilizing Suramar.
  • Can't do Stabilizing Suramar, help.
  • Stuck on Stabilizing Suramar.
  • I do Suramar World Quests, but Stabilizing Suramar doesn't increase!

We are investigating a potential issue where some characters are unable to progress their Stabilizing Suramar count. An issue potentially exists where your interface simply does not show progress due to a server side issue rather than a local user interface problem. Resetting your UI or removing addons will not resolve this. In the meantime we recommend completing 10 eligible world quests as for most people this allows them to hand in Stabilizing Suramar.