World Quest Rewarded Wrong Item

Updated: 3 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I completed Centurions, Assemble! for a 184 Instructor's Divine Bell trinket. I recieved a 181 Requim Chime off hand.
  • I completed Amateur Night but I didn't receive anima from it

World quests provide different rewards depending on which character you use to complete it. One character may be offered anima or a specific trinket, while another may receive a conduit or another reward. Each world quest is tailored to the character that completes it.

If you saw a different reward than the one you received when you moused over the quest before you completed it, this issue can be caused by using AddOns which are out of date or have incorrect cached information. You can update the AddOn or delete and reinstall it to correct the issue, or reach out to the AddOn developer.

Customer Support is unable to verify which item your character was offered before completing the quest and cannot swap world quest rewards.

If you have experienced a bug, submit a bug report.