Lost Soul Remnant Stacks

Updated: 2 years ago
Article ID: 283080

Common Problems

  • I lost stacks of Soul Remnant's Blessing in Torghast
  • Some or all of my Soul Remnant stacks vanished. How?
  • I clicked off my Soul Remnant stacks by accident, give them back.
  • My Soul Armament buff vanished.

While customer support will not provide specific information related to spell mechanics, there are abilities in Torghast that will consume stacks of Soul Remnant. Be sure to read and understand the effects and requirements of the abilities and items that you select as you progress to avoid unwelcome surprises.

Note that unlike the Blessing, Soul armament is a limited time, and limited stacking, buff.

You can dismiss the Soul Remnant buff like most other buffs, so be mindful that you don't remove it by accident. Customer support will not help you get it back if you do.