Can't Claim Supplies from The Wild Hunt

Updated: 2 years ago
Article ID: 283290

Common Problems

  • I filled the paragon reputation bar for the Wild Hunt but I can't get my reward because I am not part of the Nightfae.
  • The quest Supplies from the Wild Hunt cannot be turned in.
  • The quest turn-in is inaccessible or off the map.
  • I can't talk to Aithlyn because I get ported out of the Heart of the Forest.

We have received multiple reports of this issue and can confirm the quest completion marker is not displaying the correct turn-in location. We apologize for any inconvenience while our developers work as quickly as possible to resolve the issue.

A version of Aithlyn can be found outside the Heart of the Forest near the innkeeper for non Nightfae members to claim their Paragon rewards.