How to Claim Your Deluxe Edition Items in Burning Crusade Classic

Updated: 2 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I purchased the deluxe but I didn't receive the in-game goodies
  • How do I claim my Digital Deluxe items?

Access to the Burning Crusade is included in your World of Warcraft subscription. The Burning Crusade Digital Deluxe is an optional purchase.

What's In the Deluxe Edition

The Burning Crusade Digital Deluxe includes the following:

Learn more on our official blog.

How to claim the items

Your game time is automatically added to your World of Warcraft account upon purchase. 

To claim your Phase-Hunter mount, your exclusive hearthstone, and your toy, talk to any innkeeper at your capital city, or to Landro Longshot in Booty Bay.

I didn't receive the boost

If you didn't receive your boost, please check our Didn't Receive the Burning Crusade Classic Character Boost article to resolve it. Please note that if you already purchased the Dark Portal Pass, you will not receive a second boost when upgrading to Digital Deluxe. The level 58 boost is limited to one per WoW account.