Missing Some Hearthstone Cards

Updated: 1 month ago
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Common Problems

  • I am missing some cards that I don't remember disenchanting

If you are missing your entire collection, check this support article.

If you are missing select cards, you might have disenchanted them thinking they were duplicates. You can craft the missing card again with Arcane Dust. 

How did that happen?

Cards in the Core Set and cards in the Legacy Set used in Classic Format are separate from cards in your collection.

  • The Core Set is made up of cards that are not in your collection
  • The Legacy Set cards used in Classic Format is made up of mirrored copies of cards in your collection

These cards are not duplicates. You may have disenchanted a card from your collection because you saw a copy of the same card in your Core Set or in your Legacy Set and you thought it was a duplicate.

Don't worry, you can craft your missing cards again!

In addition, remember that the Core Set rotates with every Hearthstone year and some cards are replaced with others. This would explain why you are missing cards in your Core Set. Check the current Core Set in our Year of the Wolf blog.

You can learn more about the Core Set and the Legacy Set in our blog.