Combined Motes Did Not Create a Primal

Updated: 1 year ago
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Common Problems

  • I just used 10 Motes of Fire, but I didn't receive any Primal Fire in my inventory
  • I cannot see my Primal Water in my bags

We have received multiple reports of this issue for Burning Crusade Classic and are currently investigating it. All Motes and Primals seem to be affected (Life, Earth, Air, Water, Shadow, Fire, Life and Mana).

Currently, we do not have a solution, however some of these steps may help: 

  • After using 10 Motes, disconnect your character from the game and reconnect may allow the Primal to appear in your bags (several disconnections or waiting a few minutes may be necessary).
  • Disable your addons temporarily: this may let you see the Primal created by the Motes.
  • Make sure that you have enough space available in your bags.
  • If you have Motes of the same kind in different bags, make sure to gather them in one bag before using them, and that there is space available in this bag.
Please note that Customer Support is unable to restore Motes or Primals.

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