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Reliquary Sight Buff Doesn't Show Outlined Mobs As It Should

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

I have the Reliquary Sight buff from Research Report: All-Seeing Crystal, but it's not showing the mobs as it should.

We have received multiple reports that Reliquary Sight is not working when Outline Mode is set to Disabled. We do not know if this is intended or not but are investigating.

In the meantime, you can resolve this issue by changing your in-game settings using these steps:

  1. While logged into the game, open your game menu (default hot-key ESC)
  2. Click Interface
  3. From the side menu, click Display
  4. Under Outline Mode, use the dropdown to select any of the last 3 options
    • Note: The only option which causes this issue is Disabled
Once you have enabled mouseovers, you will see the purple outline around creatures which are carrying relics.