Phantasma Not Refunded for Torghast Item

Updated: 2 years ago
Article ID: 292156

Common Problems

  • I refunded my Gilded Eye Crescent outside of Torghast, and it only refunded 150 gold.
  • I refunded an item I purchased in Torghast, and didn't receive phantasma.
  • My appearance was removed after I refunded Gilded Eye Crescent outside of Torghast.

Items purchased with Phantasma in Torghast will refund the item for the Sell Price listed in the tooltip. If a cosmetic item is refunded within two hours of purchase, it will remove any appearances granted. To resolve this, re-purchase the item the next time it becomes available at the vendors in Torghast. Customer Support does not assist with restoring or refunding items from Torghast vendors.

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