Unable to Install or Patch Overwatch on PS4

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

How to install Overwatch on the PS4
Overwatch must be installed on your console’s hard drive before it can be played.

Installing from disc: If you install from a disc, simply insert the disc and the installation will begin automatically if the game is not already installed. You will be notified once it is complete.

Installing from Playstation Store: This can be done in one of two ways – either from the Online Store or from the Game Library (it will only appear in the Library if bought online from the Playstation Store.

The game must be uninstalled before it can be reinstalled. To uninstall, go to the game and select Delete:

Starting the game:
Insert the disc (if applicable), then click X. The buttons above are mostly self explanatory – Share will bring up the Share screen. You can save or share videos or screenshots from there onto FB etc. The PS4 automatically saves the last 15 minutes, so if you have a great game of Overwatch you click Share and can show it to your friends with ease.


Will I be able to play Overwatch on PS3?

No, Overwatch is only available for the PS4

How much disc space is required?

Overwatch will need around 9 to 12 GB of disc space (no final information available yet)

Can I play another game while installing?

Although the installation won’t take long, you will be able to play other games while installing or patching. If you have the disc version of the game, the disc needs to be in the PS4 during installation but doesn’t need to be in the PS4 during patching

Do I need Playstation Plus to play Overwatch

You will need to be subscribed to Playstation Plus in order to play Overwatch.

Do I need an internet connection to play Overwatch?

Because Overwatch is an online shooter, an internet connection is required to play Overwatch

Will there be Single Player in Overwatch?

Overwatch is a Multiplay Shooter, so Single Player is not available, except for Training and Custom Games.

Do I need to play against other people in Overwatch?

No, you can choose to play against AI opponents

Is local Co-Op available to play with your friends on the couch?

There are currently no plans to have local Co-Op for Overwatch