Refund Diablo Immortal Purchase

Updated: 1 year ago
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Common Problems

  • I bought something for Diablo Immortal but now I'd like my money back
  • I would like a refund of my Orbs

All real money sales in Diablo Immortal are considered final. Please double-check any order to be sure it is correct before you enter your password to finalize your payment. You can learn more about our refund policy here: Blizzard's Refund Policy.

Refunds or chargebacks across any platform may cause the account to be in a “limited functionality” state until a new orbs purchase that brings the account back to a positive value. In addition, some products can only be purchased once and not repurchased after a refund or chargeback.

Blizzard Customer Support cannot refund orders made on mobile.

All in-game purchases made with Orbs, Gold, or Platinum are non-refundable.