Did Not Receive Whispering Felflame Crystal

Updated: 10 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I didn't get a Whispering Felflame Crystal when I ran Black Rook Hold during Legion Timewalking
  • I was in a mythic Legion Timewalking and didn't get a Whispering Felflame Crystal

There are a number of reasons that your character may not receive a Whispering Felflame Crystal during the week of a Legion Timewalking event. 

The requirements for receiving this item are as follows:

  • Have not already turned the quest offered by Whispering Felflame Crystal during this Timewalking event
  • Do not have a Whispering Felflame Crystal in your character's bag
  • Completed a Heroic Legion Timewalking Dungeon through the dungeon finder - must have killed the last boss of the dungeon
Note that specifically this item only drops from the last boss of a heroic Timewalking dungeon. It does not drop if the dungeon is not completed, and it does not drop if the dungeon difficulty is Mythic+ or if you did not use the dungeon finder tool to queue for the dungeon.