Can't Locate Stockpile for Quest - Preparing for the Fall

Updated: 9 months ago
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Common Problems

  • My next quest should be Preparing for the Fall. I can see it on the map, but there's no questgiver
  • There's a quest bang on the map for Preparing for the Fall, but there's no quest bang when I check that spot with my character

For players in Battle for Azeroth who have leveled past 50, Preparing for the Fall is considered a trivial quest and will no longer show a quest bang (!) over the in-game item that provides the quest. You would be able to accept the quest by clicking on the pile of baskets (the stockpile) that offers the quest. If you are not able to locate the correct stockpile because you can't see the quest bang, enable trivial quests on your minimap:

  1. Click on Magnifying Glass icon next to your minimap
  2. Locate Trivial Quests in the menu
  3. Put a check in the box next to the Trivial Quests option to enable it
Once you close the menu, you should see the quest bang showing over the correct stockpile.