No Quest Area Indicators for Quest - Humble Gatherer

Updated: 6 months ago
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Common Problems

  • Humble Gatherer isn't showing me areas to farm
  • I can't see tracking areas for Humble Gatherer

Due to the vast varieties of creatures that can drop the items for Humble Gatherer, there is no quest area indicator on your map for this quest. The quest items can drop from all over Shadowlands, including in dungeons. Generally, the following are true:

  • Soul Mirror Shards drop from humanoid Forsworn creatures
  • Depleted Goliath Cores drop from Forsworn Punisher or Dark Goliath creatures
  • Tampered Anima Chargers drop from mechanical creatures

Drop rates vary depending on where and which creatures you're farming. For hints and tips on where to farm for best drop rates for each item, visit the Wowhead comments on the quest page.