Overwatch 2 Account Merge Stuck

Updated: 6 months ago
Article ID: 319973

Common Problems

  • I've been seeing the message that my accounts are being prepared for migration for over 6 days now
  • I've been stuck in the middle of the Overwatch 2 merge for weeks

This can occur when a different console account was linked and merged prior to the one you are currently attempting to play with.

The steps to link your Third Party and Battle.net accounts can be found here. If you have linked the wrong Third Party account to your Battle.net account, you can find the steps on how to link the correct account here.

Once you have linked your Third Party and Battle.net accounts, you will need to confirm the merge by signing into Overwatch via your console account.

Note that some account links have cooldowns limiting how often they can be changed. This varies based on the type of account, (Xbox, Steam, PlayStation, etc.), but you'll receive a warning in Battle.net account management specifying the specific cooldown length when disconnecting an account type that has a cooldown. Customer Support is unable to bypass these cooldowns.