Before Migration

  • Your character's mailbox and auctions must be completely cleared. Do not create auctions until the transfer is complete. If you see an error message about pending mail on the character after you've cleared out your mailbox, you may have inbound mail that hasn't arrived yet. Wait until the mail arrives, clear your mailbox, and try again.
  • Save all macros prior to your migration, as the User Interface will reset when you transfer.
  • If your character shares a name with an existing character on the realm you are moving to, you must rename your character.

During and After Migration

  • If your character is a guild leader, you must transfer leadership to another member or disband your guild.
  • Do not log in to the game while the transfer is processing, as this may cause delays.
  • Any items or character progress lost during the transfer will not be restored.
  • Your existing character name will be free to use immediately after the transfer is complete.


  • Any mail left in your mailbox prior to the migration will be lost.
  • Your guild affiliation and tabard design will not transfer. You must join or create a new guild on your destination realm.
  • Your rank will transfer with your character but any kills you earned on your source realm between the weekly reset and the time your transfer comes into effect, and any honor from those kills, will NOT transfer with you.
  • Your World of Warcraft Friend List and Ignore List will be cleared upon transfer.
  • Once the transfer has completed, you cannot reverse it. The only way to move the character again is by purchasing a Character Transfer.
  • Parental Control settings can block Free Character Migrations. To remove Parental Controls follow the steps in our Support Article

Visit the Free Character Realm Migration article for steps on how to begin the free migration process.