You can transfer your original Diablo® III Console game save to the Ultimate Evil Edition® so you don’t lose any of your progress by upgrading. Depending on which console you’re starting with and which console you’re transferring to, the process will vary a little.

Note: To ensure you’re able to complete all the challenges on a new console, some challenge progress will be lost when you transfer a save between consoles. Nintendo Switch® does not include the Ultimate Evil Edition®, so the following instructions will not apply.

Same Console

Xbox 360 and PlayStation® 3

If you’re going to play Ultimate Evil Edition on the same console you used to play the original Diablo III, you don’t need to do anything special to get started. Ultimate Evil Edition will detect your pre-existing game save and import your progress.

New Console, Same Manufacturer

Xbox 360 to Xbox One | PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4

If you're going to play Ultimate Evil Edition on a new console from the same manufacturer, you first need to export a save. Start your original Diablo III, patch it to 1.0.3 (1.0.4 on PS3) and select Export Save from the More section of the main menu.

Note: You may only have one save exported at a time. If you export a save later, your current export will be overwritten.

After you have exported your save, start Ultimate Evil Edition on your new console. If this is your first time starting Ultimate Evil Edition, it will check for any exported saves and import them automatically. If this isn’t your first time starting Ultimate Evil Edition, select Import Save from the main menu.

All of your preorder and promotional bonuses from your old console will be transferred to your new console.

Note: Any Diablo III progress you made on your new console will be permanently lost when you import a save, even if you already imported a save and have been playing on it for a while.

New Console, Different Manufacturer

Support for transferring game saves from PlayStation 3 to Xbox One and from Xbox 360 to PlayStation 4 is no longer be available.