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Unable to Apply Illusion to Weapon

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Common Problems

I can't apply a weapon illusion on my character

Illusions are items that teach a weapon enchantment appearance to your account. Once learned, you will need to visit a transmogrifier in a major city and select Weapon Enchantment. Having an enchantment on your weapon will not automatically add the Illusion to your weapon enchantment known transmogrifications. You must have learned the illusion.

If you cannot apply the illusion, it could be that an illusion effect is already present. Some weapons have their own glows and effects that hide normal enchants. This will prevent you from being able to apply any illusions to the weapon and override it's normal colors.

Transmogrifying the weapon to one that does not have a default effect will allow you to apply a weapon enchantment transmogrification. Note that you have to confirm the weapon transmogrification before the weapon enchant becomes an option. We do not have any way to bypass these restrictions.